Institute of Public Communications

The Institute of Public Communications is a civil society organization created by professionals in the field of communications management.

Developments in recent years have demonstrated that even relatively successful public sector reforms are not always positively perceived by the general public due to poor communication or lack of outreach.

Therefore, for the sake of maintaining effective dialogue in all spheres of our country’s daily life, we ought to intensify our engagement in this domain, as well as share our experience and knowledge, based on research in behavioral economics and successful public relations cases.

Інститут публічних комунікацій лого


Training programs

Our training programs are rooted in the world’s best practices, as well as successful cases of our experts and Supervisory Board members.

Think tank

High-quality analytical materials based on media space monitoring and focus groups.

Comprehensive solutions

Comprehensive solutions for creating and managing political and business brands.

Communication strategies

Successful communication strategies and selected anti-crisis solutions.

Event organization

Professional organization of both low-key and large-scale, local and international events with communication support for a variety of audiences – from 2 to 100,000 persons.



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