International Educational Forum

Communication support to the forum organized by IMI (International Management Institute) and dedicated to education development. Keynote speakers at the event were best-selling authors Yuval Noah Harari, Christopher Cordey and Jeetendr Sehdev.

Administrative service center "GOTOVO"

Development and implementation of the communication strategy of the ‘GOTOVO’ (“Done”) service center; creation and promotion of new services of the service state.

Training course

Brand capitalization: 7 key principles of behavioral economics.

Communication support of the "Personnel Reserve of Ukraine"

Educational project to attract young professionals to government.

Yalta European Strategy (YES)

Organization and PR-support of a large-scale international conference having brought together 250 Ukrainian and foreign politicians and entrepreneurs from more than 20 countries of the globe. YES took place in Yalta. The event was attended by the President of the Republic of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaitė, Chrystia Freeland, Carl Bildt, Štefan Füle, Aleksander Kwaśniewski, Mario Monti, Ronald Noble, Bill Richardson, Gerhard Schröder and others.


Organization and PR-support of the event. Participants and speakers included members of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine; heads of foreign governments, ministers, politicians and diplomats of Ukraine’s partner countries; top leaders of investment, financial and banking, industrial, and business institutions and associations; as well as scientists, researchers and the media. Among the speakers – Dmytro Lytvak, Steven Geiger, Thomas Klausnitser, Jorge Zukoski, Nolan Townsend, Jean-Paul Shoer.

Central executive authorities – Ministry of Justice, National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption (NAPC), regional state administrations

Development and implementation of a communication strategy for the abovementioned authorities.

Trainings for civil servants

A series of trainings and zoom conferences “EU Policy for Ukrainian Civil Servants”.

TV series "When we Are Home"

Development and adaptation of scripts for the most popular sitcom in Ukraine.

"People matter"

Analysis of acute political issues and problems of public policy, drafting proposals for the organization’s positioning and key messages for mitigating the identified problems; media support, advertising campaign development.

Training course "School of Press Secretaries"

A three-module program of political marketing and PR.

National Sports Complex "Olympiysky" rebranding

Creation and implementation of the communication strategy. Media coverage of the opening of the NSC.

3rd Ukrainian Women's Congress

Organization and communication support of the event. The Congress brought together prominent politicians, representatives of business and media, education, international organizations, as well as Ambassadors Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of foreign countries, to discuss topical issues of gender equality among men and women.

Ukraine 2012 Information Center

Support of ‘Ukraine 2012’ Information Center which functioned as a news agency and was the center of communication for the preparation and holding of the European Football Championship ‘Euro-2012’ in Ukraine.

Concerts of MADONNA, RHCHP, and football matches of UEFA Champions League and FC Dynamo Kyiv

Communication support and public events’ management for the National Sports Complex “Olympiysky”

New Educational Space

Project communications and management. The project was initiated by the Ministry of Regional Development in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, and local authorities in order to modernize school infrastructure.

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